About Massage

hands smallSports Massage

Sports massage is effective at: relieving pain from injury, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage, breaking down scar tissue, improving recovery from exercise and competition, removing waste products in the muscles, relaxing knots or tight, tired and stressed muscles and improving the condition of muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Sports massage is beneficial not only to the professional athlete but anybody who puts excess stress on their muscles on a day to day basis. For example, someone who sits at a computer all day and ends up slumping over the keyboard will in time potentially end up with very tight and painful neck and shoulder muscles. Sports massage treatment will help to relieve this problem and also help to prevent it in the future.

Sports massage not only helps the repair and recovery of muscle but keeps your muscles in good condition, allowing optimal range of movement, flexibility and power output.



I am able to treat a wide range of conditions using a varied combination of treatments. Common injuries I treat are:

•           Muscle strains and tears

•           Ligament strains and tears

•           Achilles tendon injury

•           Shin Splints

•           Back pain

•           Frozen shoulder

•           Shoulder impingement

•           Golfers Elbow

•           Tennis Elbow

•           Neck pain


I use the following techniques to treat a wide variety of injuries:

•           Sports Massage

•           Soft Tissue Manipulation

•           Deep Tissue Massage

•           Core Stability

•           Rehabilitation Programmes

•           Mechanical taping and strapping

•           Kinesiology Taping